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 by Amyah P.
Business Development / Client Champion / CHO / Director of Client Care

Sandeep lives and works with great integrity and achieves results. I've had the honor of working with him for over 15+ years on a variety of online projects, with much success. He's also taught me so much about the beautiful culture of India. Each time I've had a request of Sandeep, he's responded. If it was a project he could make better, he did, and if it was a project he couldn't - he'd state that too. He delivers results with the truth. In that same spirit, it is my pleasure to answer any specific questions relating to Sandeep's capabilities and character upon request.

 by Ozzie Disgdiertt
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I worked with Sandeep on many digital lead campaigns for multiple clients of his and can say that he is a very well respected COO with extreme attention to detail and to his customers. With a unique skill set of managing multiple programs I would recommend Sandeep to take charge of any digital marketing project. An excellent COO.

 by Josh Okoebor
Director of Business Development

I've known Sandeep for about 5 years and have worked with him on various projects. He's one of the brightest minds in the online marketing space. Sandeep is very dedicated to his craft, he continues to evolve and derive effect ways to reach his target demo. Organized and diligent, always makes sure things are in order and everyone involved remain informed. I would give him a big endorsement, he's absolutely one of the best.

 by Vishveshwar Jatain
Director, Marketing and Sales Operations at Blockthrough

It's rare that you get to work with someone so accommodating as Sandeep. I've known him since 2009 when I first started working for his joint venture—an HR startup called Benifys. But I didn't work directly under him until later when I joined his own company as a content manager. It was a great period of learning for me and helped me grow more confident in my decision to start working in digital media.

I was astonished by Sandeep's drive and his willingness to roll up his sleeves and get things done himself, where most other bosses would just be happy delegating things. His domain knowledge in digital media too, is unparalleled. He was also always exceedingly patient while explaining technical concepts to team members when working on a new project.

All in all, anyone who works with him with walk away smarter than they were before and any employee would be lucky to have Sandeep at their boss.

 by Karen S. Goldfarb
President, KSG Interactive Marketing Group Inc.

I have worked with Sandeep on and off for many years. Hi knowledge of his clients business and this space is quite extensive. Sandeep is very reliable and his follow thru is top notch. I always found it a pleasure working with him because he always works on his clients best interest.

 by Scott Perry
Founder ACE Speaking & Pitching; Co-Founder TL Plumbing & Building; Inventor & Investor; MC, Pitch & Public Speaking Coach & Mentor; Product Development Manager; Speaker & Trainer; Entrepreneurship Facilitator

Sandeep helped me get some products developed and to market.

Sandeep was patient and took the time to help me grasp aspects of the IT development process we were unfamiliar with at the time.

After dealing with Sandeep we have a better understanding of these processes, which has helped us continue to develop innovative products.

 by Karen S. Goldfarb
Strategic IT Leader with Proven Organizational Effectiveness Enhancement Experience

I have known Sandeep for nearly 2 years. He puts in phenomenal energy and creativity in each of the projects he has handled.