What’s Your Chosen Identity

In this episode, I delve into the concept of self-identity and how it’s shaped by various factors including our genes, experiences, circumstances, and perceptions of others.

We often receive direct or indirect feedback from our surroundings which influence our self-perception and inadvertently shape our identity.

However, these external influences may not always align with our true selves, and it’s crucial to introspect and decide who we really are.

This episode encourages listeners to question their current identity and consider whether it truly represents who they are and who they want to be. It delves into the concept of self-fulfilling prophecies and how our choices, actions, and results can mold the identity we wish to present to the world.

A key focus of this podcast is the identification of core values, the foundational elements that underpin our identity. We discuss the need for understanding these values, what we stand for, and what we accept or reject in our lives. We also discuss the importance of choosing core values that resonate deeply with us and align with our self-perception.

As a practical exercise, listeners are encouraged to research a list of core values and identify those that truly speak to them. The process may take weeks or months, but it forms the crucial first step in choosing and creating our desired identity. While other steps are involved in this process, such as strategizing and setting action items, the homework, for now, is to start identifying our core values.

This episode will resonate with anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of their identity, core values, and the journey of self-discovery.

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