eCommerce Growth Fastrack

The comprehensive 30-day program to fastrack your eCommerce business

The comprehensive 30-day program to
fastrack your eCommerce business

Introducing the eCommerce Growth Fastrack

The ecommerce Growth Fastrack is a tried and tested 30-day implementation program that teaches you how to build, launch and grow an ecommerce business (like clockwork) using best practices for getting new traffic, generating more leads and converting more visitors into customers.
Even if you have no technical skills, or any previous email marketing experience.  Everything you need to run your business like a profit making machine is included in this step by step training program.

Tested in Real World with Proven Results

The ideas, methods and strategies that I teach in the eCommerce Growth Fastrack program have been implemented, tested, and proven by a number of eCommerce companies that I consult regularly in my agency.   All in all, I’ve generated over $100,000.000 in revenue for these brands in the last 3 years and have worked with over 300 clients to successfully grow their business.
What I teach in this program is not theory or generic information.  It is practical actionable advice, that has been tested, proven to work in many different categories of ecommerce stores including beauty, baby care, clothing, electronics, and snack foods


#1. The eCommerce Growth Fastrack Program (Value $1,997)

EVERYTHING You Need To Start Generating Sales & Build The Foundation Of Your Successful eCommerce Company By Generating More Leads, Converting More Customers With a Higher Average Order Value, And Increasing Overall Customer Life Time Value

It’s the single most comprehensive program of its kind on the planet, that promises to generate results in 30-days or less.
I will show you step by step on how to grow your business with a combination of lead ads, quizzes, but more importantly, how to convert these leads into first time buyers, repeat buyers, and referral machines.
This course comes from the team that has done it again and again for multiple brands in eCommerce.
I have personally built multiple 7-figure companies, generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and sent over a billion email & SMS messages each year for the last 10 years.  This is the first time, I have decided to build a course that includes my learning and experience of over twenty years into growing eCommerce companies looking to fastrack their growth..

eCommerce Growth Fastrack Course Content

I will help you become a profitable eCommerce Business and help you increase your revenue, here’s how
We Will Start With The Website
Hit the ground running.  Unless the website is primed for conversion, we cannot expect any of our other activities to produce results, so this is where we will begin.  I will show you 10 different audits / live teardowns that I have recorded for various websites, so that you can compare them with your own website and fix the small changes that will produce big results.
21 Conversion Killers To Remove Right Now
When I audit websites, big or small, I will almost always find some (or all) of these conversion killers that first time (and even seasoned) founders overlook.  If more eCommerce founders knew about these from the day they started building their websites, the more money they would have saved to run more ads, and drive more conversions
5 Critical Elements for Every Home Page
No one tells you this, but if you looked at the biggest eCommerce websites in the world, you will find these elements everywhere, and yet, most eCommerce companies don’t even know about these.  Include these and your visitors will naturally become interested to learn more about your products
Your Footer is Incomplete Without These 5 Sections
After reviewing data from thousands of hours of research, customers have repeatedly said that they expect these 5 sections in every website footer.  More than the site search, these 5 sections are where most customers go to find specific information that they are looking for.
The Ultimate Navigation for eCommerce
What your users want, and what you offer are two radically different things.  Especially when you check out your website menu on a mobile device.  Let me help you get to the perfect navigation bar, that is neither too much, nor too little, just the right balance.
All High Converting Product Pages Have These 5 Things
Shopify has done their best in providing the framework.  Now it’s up to us to use it and creates masterpieces out of our product pages.  Our product pages should speak to the desires of our target customer, and not just include a set of lines and buttons and drop down menus.  Learn how to create the perfect product page in this module
Klaviyo Comes With Some Superpowers
The performance & deliverability dashboard, URL targeted sign up forms, and deep segmentation including AI based predictive analytics, Klaviyo comes with its own set of super powers that we will explore together for our business
Power Up with Klaviyo Integrations
Did you know Klaviyo has over 125 integrations with several useful apps that you may be using for your own business. Apps for reviews, shipping trackers, brand ambassadors and facebook ads custom audience building, I will show you how to use apps in your customer journey
A Quick Primer on Email Marketing
23 Ways To Generate Leads In eCommerce
Don’t use the boring “Join the club”popup, that gets hit on the CLOSE button before you can even blink!  I will show you at least 23 different ways, in which your users will not only give you their email address, but will be keen to open your emails the minute you tell them to.
The 11 Pop Ups Every Business Should Use In Their Store
Not all at the same time, of course.
The Perfect Settings in Klaviyo
Most companies make these basic mistakes when they opt users in or out of their lists.  Not only do these mistakes create delays in first time orders, they also do not prevent users from unsubscribing.  Let me how you some cool ways to make a friend out of your email list.  It isn’t directly a conversion driver, but every bit helps
These 7 Places On Your Site That Generate More Leads Are Hidden in Plain Sight
Yes, trust me, when you see them, you’ll go “duh!”  Why didn’t I see that before.  Strategically placing the prompts in these areas of your website will ensure that you are collecting as many new leads as you can.

And that's just an overview!

The best part?
What I’m teaching isn’t just theory and boring lessons.  These are

Battle Tested & Proven Strategies

What you’ll learn in this program is practical, tangible eCommerce growth strategies that I have personally developed, implemented, and tested across a number of industries and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.  This isn’t just theoretical knowledge, it’s real results, with real brands. 
I’ve walked the walk, and now I’m talking the talk and sharing my best ideas and strategies with you.
Look, times have changed for the DTC industry.  It’s no longer the wild wild west of 2019-2020 pre-covid times, when all you had to do was slap on some average creative, run some Faceebook ads and count how many times Shopify app went cha-ching on your phone. 
It’s especially hard for businesses that have spent considerable amount of time designing, creating, and perfecting their products and aspire to grow to compensate for their hard work. 
You can no longer rely on one media channel.
Your strategy now should include an omnichannel approach that includes everything from search to social to influencer marketing to referrals to brand ambassadors and everything in between.
We owe it to our business to use every single channel to its fullest in order to secure the future of our business and not just its survival but exploding growth
That’s what the Ecommerce Growth Fastrack is all about.  Helping tens of thousands of eCommerce companies to join the revolution and achieve their goals.

#2. 52 Weeks of LIVE Coaching (Value $13,500)

Imagine Being Able to Ask Me or My Team Your Questions Every Week and Get One On One Advice on Live Zoom Calls?  I call it AMAA – Asm Me Absolutely Anything
Every week for one hour, I personally, or someone from my team answers your questions during a group Q&A call, to give you up to date training, on what’s working (and what’s not) in the DTC industry
This level of personal help and support is unheard of…
— but you get it as part of the eCommerce Growth Accelerator
All of the zoom calls are recorded, and available to watch on replay as soon as they are uploaded in the community members’ only valut
These calls are an excellent way for you to get real time one on one personalized support from our team.
Need help planning your social media calendar?  Or Help with an email flow?
We’ll work together in real time and help you implement these ideas together.  Not only that, if needed, we will even set it up for you (as you can imagine, it will depend on the number of request and team members available for that particular week)
Want us to audit your website or new product landing page?
We’ll do live tear-downs every week, so even if your page may not be the one being reviewed, there will be a lot to learn from the ones that we audit.
Looking for help with content strategy?
We’ll plan it out together, in live office hours calls and you can take it home with you.
Whatever your question, the weekly Q&A calls will become an invaluable and important part of your weekly workflow, and they are absolutely worth their weight in gold!
PLUS: this is where you also get to see exactly how the sausage is made. In the weeks where we do not have many live questions, we will do an office hour session, where you get to look over our shoulder and see how we have implemented various optimization strategies for clients in their blogs, email accounts and social media.


You'll Also Get IMMEDIATE Access to FIVE EXCLUSIVE Bonuses For FREE


SMS Masterclass
Turbocharge your sales and increase your customer engagement and retention. Gain an edge in your eCommerce business by mastering effective text message strategies that drive traffic, generate more sales, and boost customer loyalty.”


DTC Landing Pages – How To Sell More Without Raising Prices
A professional, high converting landing page takes over the job of three people – Sales Rep, Customer Services, You.  It answers every question that your customers may have and In my collection of over 200 landing pages, I will show you exactly what elements to include in a product landing page for generating more sales.


Newsletters – The Underrated Trick to Higher Engagement & More Sales
Did you know that Morning Brew started a newsletter for 5 people and in 5 years, sold the email list for $75 million?  The Hustle, another business newsletter was acquired by HubSpot for $20 million.  These are not flash in the pan stories.  Newsletters drive engagement, growth, and above all profit. In this masterclass, I will show you step by step what you need to start your own newsletter.


The Ultimate Post Purchase Experience To Make Them Buy More
People buy on emotion first, justify it with logic later.  This ultimate email sequence will help you destroy the buyers’ remorse, make your buyers super excited about your products, give you UGC content without trying hard, and come back to buy more from you again and again.


Swipe File Of Email Campaign Ideas
My largest collection ever, of over 200 email ideas in 40 different categories. You will never run out of ideas for your email marketing, ever!  This swipe file contains all type of emails including product launch sequences, restocking alerts, flash sales, tiered sales, newsletters, educational content and loyalty emails.

The eCommerce Growth Fastrack Will Give You The Tools, Training, Templates, Step-By-Step Action Plan, And All The Support You Need to Build And Scale a Hyper Profitable eCommerce Business.

If you’re ready to start generating a steady flow of traffic, leads, and customers..

...You're Definitely Going To Want To Join the eCommerce Growth Fastrack Today

Let's Recap EVERYTHING You'll Get When You Join The eCommerce Growth Accelerator...

The eCommerce Growth Fastrack (Value $4,997)

52 Weeks of LIVE Coaching and Q&A (Value $13,500)


1. The eCommerce Growth Fastrack (Value $4,997)

2. The eCommerce Growth Fastrack (Value $4,997)

3. The eCommerce Growth Fastrack (Value $4,997)

TOTAL VALUE: $23,500

Unlock Instant Access To The eCommerce Growth Fastrack Below


You're Covered by TWO Iron-Clad Guarantees

I’m so confident that the eCommerce Growth Fastrack will build momentum and generate profits for your business that I have added not one, but TWO fail-safe guarantees:

Guarantee #1: Your 100% Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

The exact same strategies I teach in this training program have worked with hundreds of businesses and have helped generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional income every month.  However, if you’re still unsure about joining, you will get a full 30-day money back guarantee.
Try the eCommerce Growth Fastrack risk free and if you’ve completed at least four weeks and are not 100% satisfied, just ask for a refund within 30-days and we will refund you in full. No questions asked.

Guarantee #2 My "I Won't Let You Fail" Guarantee

I have personally developed and implemented all of the strategies in this program for many brands.  I am so confident in the eCommerce Growth Fastrack program that if you go through the program, take part in the Q&A calls and still (for some reason!) do not find it useful, or can’t make it work, or are stuck in general, I will have my team work with you 1:1 to help you get unstuck and find forward momentum.
That means it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to not succeed with this program.  Because, if after going through the course and attending the live Q&A calls you are still struggling, my team will work with you ONE ON ONE to get you bring results.
There isn’t another program on the planet that offers such a strong guarantee as this.
You’ve got this covered. It’s a promise.

You Can Choose What You Pay:

In the end, look, I am not going to promise you the moon.  I cannot guarantee if you will get the sales you desire or not.  I can put you on the right path, show you all the right buttons to push, and the right levers to press.  If there is one thing I have learned in my 30 years of business it is this.
Luck = 40%
Hard Work = 40%
Talent & Skills = 20%
I will guarantee to bring you at at least 25% on the Talent & Skills department.  So you have to do the heavy lifting of the Hard Work.
And remember – Luck is nothing but a result of persistently chiseling away at the tree until it falls.

★★★★★ 4.8 stars

  • 7 Training Modules
  • 52 Weeks of Personal Support
  • Community Group
  • 3× Bonuses
  • 24/7 Access

Only £9.99

Value: £12,285

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