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experiments of life

Hi, I’m Sandeep


I enjoy reading on a diversity of topics like philosophy, business, health, emerging tech, and human history.

This blog is my thoughts on what I learn, live, and experiment with every day.

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I run a digital marketing agency helping small to mid-size companies with marketing, automation & analytics.

I’ve recently founded a start-up that generates revenue for content creators on Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube.

It’s a fun project.

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About me

I am an entrepreneur, and I live in England.

I’m vegan since 2016 and am hoping to live beyond 100 years (even 150).

I’m currently dabbling with learning Yoga and getting into a strict routine to improve body mobility and/or flexibility.


hey there!

Let’s be friends!

I enjoy new experiences, food, and locations. If you’re ever in the vicinity of the beautiful English countryside, hit me up.

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Sandeep Bansal

experiments of life

What I Write About

Stock photo, not my recipe 🙂

Being Vegan & My Trials With New Recipes

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Things I despise doing daily

Fitness, Health & The New Science Of Longevity

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Some good books up there.

Reading, Learning, Doing & Growing As We Adapt

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Let’s connect on social and see what I’m working on. I mostly share things that I find amusing and entertaining for myself.