Workout Log | April 11 | 3 Mile Run

Run Stats from Strava April 11, 2017

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Day 1

Target: 3 miles

Accomplished: 3.1 miles

Calories Lost: 540

Calories Remaining for the year: 174,460

It was a good day for a run, and spring is almost upon us.  Though it’s projected to be about 40°F next week (damn!) I feel like it will be springtime soon enough.  Can’t wait to be able to see the daylight all the way up until about 9pm..

So, the run was uneventful, have had no problems (except for a minor bout of sleepy feeling at 5 pm, but that was mostly due to the sugar I consumed with lunch).  It was a combination of my favorite vegan dessert & a shaved ice smoothie from across the street.

Here’s my Strava Stats for the week

And here’s the actual run


Run Stats from Strava April 11, 2017


Have a great day everyone.

And remember, you may not have all the answers, but there’s always a solution, right?

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