Taj Mahal Photography | Midnight & Early Morning Photo Shoot

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Shooting the Taj Mahal | Midnight & Early Morning Photo Shoot

Taj Mahal mesmerizes you like no other monument every time you visit.  It is a photographers’ delight, and has been immortalized by millions of others before me

Yet, when I set out to shoot the Taj Mahal, first at midnight, and then early morning, I managed to capture some pictures of my own imagination.

The photographs of the Taj Mahal that I have shot include some long-interval shots to capture the beauty using ambient light, and in contrast, some shots will contain the irony of modern day nuances surrounding our national heritage.

Picture Shot at Midnight at Taj Mahal

This picture was an absolute delight to shoot.  In Mid-August humidity, we were pretty drenched with the lack of any wind and I placed the camera for one last time before the allotted (20 minutes) window of visitation was up. After about 25 seconds of exposure, the guards at the gate switched on this light, (which is what you see on the green plants on the foreground) and made this picture a personal favorite.

Photo of Taj Mahal in a Wide Angle Landscape

This photo was shot from the middle of the Mehtab Gardens, once the sun was high enough to light up the sky.  As is, the day I chose to take photographs of Taj Mahal before/after sunrise was very hazy, with virtually no visibility beyond a hundred meters.  I decided to walk about the gardens and found this composition just right to demonstrate the effects of morning smog on our national treasure.

Cool Photograph of Yamuna ExpresswayIn route to Agra for taking photographs of the Taj Mahal, we crossed the newly built Yamuna Expressway, which was an absolute delight!  It’s comparable to a standard freeway in any developed nation, only better!

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