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Photo DVD, Posters (Collage) and Individual Portraits

We have created a great collection of photos and video footage and are putting it all together in one nice DVD.

You can order the entire set or you can pick and choose products individually, as they are listed below.

Use this page to place your orders for the photographs of the women car rally.

Most participants have selected the “Full Set Package” at the rally venue.

Full Set Package for only Rs. 1,800/-

Photo DVD with VideoThis is a collector’s edition, for you to commemorate your entire experience.

It contains photos from the entire event, starting with the curtain raiser event at the Hard Rock Cafe on March 6th to the Awards Ceremony at the Himalayan Hospital on March 31st.

Each DVD is custom-made, and your set will also contain hi-resolution images of your team, car and portraits in addition to the event photos.

In addition to over 100 hi-resolution digital photos, this package also contains

  • A 3-minute video for the rally
  • Personal portraits (wherever available) of your team with/without car

During the rally, most of you asked for printed copies, so I have included

  • 3 prints of any photos you choose, in 6″ X 8″ size.

Available Discounts for Other Packages

When you order the  full set package, I will also include

  • 8″ X 12″ poster collage at a discounted rate of Rs. 350/-  per print.  (normal price 450/-)
  • 10″ X 12″ poster collage at a discounted rate of Rs. 450/- (normal price 600/-)
  • 16″ X 20″ poster collage at a discounted rate of Rs. 750 (normal price 900/-)

(Scroll down to see the sample collage)

Pricing and Ordering Information

The cost of a Full Set Package is Rs. 1800/-   You can order the full set package here.

Photo Collage (Posters) starting from Rs. 450/-

Order Poster Collage for Photos

Get Your own Custom Collage Poster

The photo collage is a nicely designed poster with names of your team, car rally sticker number with a set of beautiful photo shots from the rally.  While the main pictures on the collage will be for your team and car, I will also include some other significant photos, in a smaller size, to create a complete experience.

The collage can be created in two formats, mosaic tiles, or random.  The sample images for both formats are here

Random Mosaic For Photo Collage
Photo Collage with Random Placements of Photos


Sample Photo Collage for Women Car Rally 2013
Photo Collage with Tiled/Mosaic Placement of Photos

Size and Price Information

The collage is available in three sizes, as below

  • 8″ X 12″  for Rs. 450/-
  • 10″ X 12″ for Rs. 600/-
  • 16″ X 20″ for Rs. 900/-

Since each collage will be designed individually by my team, a minimum  of two copies will need to be ordered per team, one for driver and one for navigator.

Which Photos Will be Included in the Collage?

I will include as many photos of your car and team portraits (depending on quality) as available.  My team will choose best available photos, based on several factors that effect print quality of the collage.

In addition to your team photos, I will include some generic photos from various rally events.  These could include photos from the driver briefing, scrutiny, rally photos, awards ceremony, stand-up comedy event etc.

How Do I Order a Photo Collage?

You can place your order for full set and photo collages here.




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