Light Painting Photography Workshop at the Art Shed in Gurgaon

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What an evening of fun, friendship and (f)otography!

The photos made in a light painting workshop evoke immediate “wow” from the participants. Our first flagship event at the new studio that I am setting up was a Light Painting Photography workshop.

I had been planning on holding one for about a month, so March 7th was set up as the final date, and an exciting group of people agreed to join me.   



Anubhav Saxena, a passionate photographer and a very dear friend graciously agreed to host the event with me, and helped throughout the event, setting cameras up for everyone.


anubhav1Light Painting Photography ClassLight Painting Photography Workshop in Gurgaon

What is Light Painting Photography?

Our camera produces photos based on the light that reaches the sensor/film in the camera.  Light painting photography involves controlling the ambient light to minimum levels, and illuminating your subject with an external light source.

In our case, we used few LED torches, that generate white light, but we covered some light-heads with colored cellophane paper to produce different shades of light.

In our light painting photography workshop, we had two different subjects – a bowl of fruits and a bouquet of flowers.  We chose these subjects, based on their diverse properties – the fruits were multi-colored, while the flowers were specifically chosen that were white in color.



Here are some of the photographs produced in our workshop by our friends.

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Do you wish to learn Light Painting Photography?

I conduct workshops around Delhi & NCR Region for light painting photography and several other similar experiments.  Contact me to discuss class schedule.  Here’s what some of the previous workshop attendees had to say about the class

I was very happy with hands-on learning and personal attention what we all got during the workshop. Thanks once for an incredible experience. I am inspired and already planning several trips to use what I learned and hopefully, improve my photos.Please pass my thanks on to Anubhav, also.

Another participant said

It was great to learn the light photography tips and the best part was that the concepts are almost DIY and we dont need helpers or a studio setting to understake practice sessions on our own. I do feel that the studio was a little cramped and owing to the # of attendees, one was stuck in a particular corner without having the freedom to explore the subject from various angles. Either we should have a larger classroom/studio or we should move the attendees around between shots so that we are able to cover all perspectives

Here are some more comments

You are an excellent teacher, patient and have command on your subject.

How do you like these pictures?  Let me know in the comments.

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