Event Photographer Assignment at Beer Cafe Gurgaon

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Event Photographer for Pre-Independence Jam Session, Beer Cafe Gurgaon

I was invited to be a part of this exciting event at the Beer Cafe in Gurgaon on August 14, 2012 as an event photographer.

The owners at Beer Cafe are also avid drum players and a regular participants at the Gurgaon Drum Circle.  They invited the group to perform live at the Pre-Independence night at the club.

Overall, the night rocked with free beer flowing and forming into some amazing music.

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As the event photographer, I made sure that I captured the emotions of the band players as well as the ambiance of the host club.  I used a Canon 5D Mark II mounted with a 24-105 mm Canon EF Series lens and a camera-mounted Speedlite 580EX II to bounce light off of the off-white ceiling.

I am sure the hosts were pleased with these results, as they invited us again for more events like this.  I have since been requested to be the designated events photographer for their  future events too.

What do you think of these pictures?  Let me know in the comments below.

Guitar Close Up Photo in Event Photography Photo of Members of GDC - Event Photographer - Sandeep BansalDrummer Par Excellence - Event Photographer - Sandeep Bansal

Harshit not only plays the djembe very well, he even does photography.  I’ve met him a couple of times on photo-walks.

Free Beer for the Event Photographer

There was free beer for the event photographer and everyone else from GDC.

Gurgaon Drum Circles Event Photographer Sandeep BansalDrummer Photograph at Beer Cafe - Event Photography Sandeep Bansal

Kapil is an exceptionally talented soul.  He drums, photographs, mixes, post-processes and I am sure dons a bunch of other hats too!

Generations of Drummers - Event Photography by Sandeep BansalMusician Photo Portrait by Sandeep BansalMusical Concert Event Photography by Sandeep Bansal

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