Bridal Photography | Gurgaon Wedding in October 2013

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Bridal Photography

{Bridal Photography Project – Can you identify the light source in this photograph? Let me know in the comments below}

Bridal Shoes | Bridal Photography in Gurgaon
Bridal Photography


Phew!! Finally, I am getting to write this blog post after so many months… It’s been a hectic ride for the last six months, with almost no time to be on the blog – though I’m trying my hardest to stay in touch with all of you via my facebook and twitter feed…

After a thoroughly tiring 3 days of non-stop shooting a wedding in Gurgaon, I am finally at rest mode and looking forward to the oncoming festival season.

Over the last three months, I’ve covered three weddings, all of them entirely different in concept and execution than the other.

First one happened in Noida, typical Punjabi family wedding, with a stunningly beautiful bride and an equally dashing husband.  They met a few months ago at a common family friends’ and their families arranged the match for them.

Second wedding was in September with Anirudh and Chantelle – a couple so madly in love that it’s contagious to everyone around them.  Anirudh signed me up at 1AM the night before wedding coverage was to begin, and we had fun doing wedding photography for 4 days non-stop.  Events included a traditional wedding and a Christian wedding (my first one, yay!!)

The third wedding, and the primer to the season ahead, was arranged with the blessings of Guru Ji.  It was under his blessings, that bride and the groom met at a Satsang (a sermon – not religious in nature, but enlightening for sure) .  They weren’t supposed to be at this event, and yet they were.  They wouldn’t have met, had it not been for this event, and eventually their families met, and arranged the match.  Thoroughly polite, friendly and gracious family, watch out this space for more photos.

Latest Bridal Photography Work

Here is a small preview of the latest bridal photography work that I’ve been up to these last few months, many more posts are in the “DRAFT” mode.

As always, watch this space for some more stuff that I am going to post over the next several days/weeks.

Until then, thanks for reading thus far, comments/feedback – let me know below!  🙂

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