Baby Photography Session | Gurgaon | May 2013

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Revant’s father sent me an email, asking if I was free to do a baby photography shoot for his son over the weekend.  Revant is 9 months old, and he was going to have a “mundan” ceremony (a traditional hindu family function, where the head of a child is shaved to remove their “at-birth” hair) on Sunday.  His parents wanted to make some photos of him, in his pre-mundan hair, so I agreed as I always have a great time shooting around families.

Saturday morning, 8AM and there I see this bubbly, cheerful Revant, all set for giving us a fabulous two hours of photo session.  I enjoyed interacting with his grand father, Sanjay and Megha on several things including their recent shift from the United States to India.

This was a weekend well spent, and I am glad Rajesh and Megha liked the photos.  Megha went on to say that every single photo is worth framing, she will have a hard time figuring out which ones to frame immediately.

Photos – Baby Photography Shoot

Here are some photos from the baby photography shoot that I did in Gurgaon.

At 9 months of age, Revant is a popular kid in the neighborhood, and while I was shooting the pictures, a few of his friends dropped in, and I included them in the shoot as well.

Overall, it was a fun Saturday morning, with a lot of interesting conversation with Revant’s parents and his grand father.  I hope you enjoy the photos, as always, feel free to comment as you.
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