The Math I’m going to use to Lose Weight – 22 Kgs ~ (Nearly 50 lbs)

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Why am I blogging when I want to lose weight?

For those of you that know me personally, know already that I’ve always been a food lover. I love my cuisine, I love all cuisines, and I love(d) my drinks. ¬†And I want to lose weight, a lot of it, at all times ūüôā

Food Delight - Hindrance to Lose Weight

I’ve been off alcohol completely for over a year now, and have significantly higher energy levels than ever before. ¬†Earlier this year, I decided to experiment with becoming a Vegan and I managed to stay the course for the full month. ¬†I decided to extend it into April and it’s going well so far.

Except for a couple of minor accidents when a restaurant added fried egg in my order of Pad Thai – Which I removed, of course ūüôā

Though I’ve always been a proponent of eating vegetables, it seems like eating meat was putting in a whole bunch of extra calories in my body. ¬†Becoming a vegan has helped me increase the intake of vegetables and replace the meat with some healthy plant based protein. ¬†Earlier¬† I have always topped a large NYC style pizza pie, loaded with meat, with a large bowl of raw veggies to balance it out.

Now, the only obstacle left in the path of my goal weight (68 kgs ~¬†150 lbs for my height) is a dedicated effort to exercise better. ¬†I’m giving that effort a formal green signal today. ¬†This year is exactly 100 days old, and I decided to take stock of the situation¬†after 100 days. ¬†While the year started off great, I obviously veered off the resolution path and ended up at being heavier, if not lighter, than my original weight at the start of the year.

Why do I want to lose weight now?

All in all, in 2017, I am working on becoming the best version of myself (and continue to), and today is the first day in that journey.

Today marks the day that I¬†officially declare a war – A war that I’ve fought for nearly 20 years now, and have failed every year.

This is the year that I reverse that trend!

What do I need to do to lose weight?

Let’s do some math. It is said that each lb of weight is equivalent to about 3500 calories. If I want to lose 50 lbs, I need to burn off approximately 3500 X 50 = 175,000 calories over and above my¬†daily consumption. ¬†With 14 weeks already gone in the year, we’re looking at 38 weeks in total to create this calorific deficit for the rest of the year.

Assuming 20% of my time goes procrastinating (crazy, right?), we can reduce this by another 8 weeks, leaving us with about 30 weeks in total to lose this weight.

That makes the weekly calorie loss goal at 175,000 / 30 = 5,800 calories in total.

At my sedentary levels, the maximum calories I need for consumption on a daily basis is between 1800 Р2000.  Normally I end up at least 500 calories over with my habitual addiction to food.

If I include these 500 extra calories in my day, we’re looking at another 3,000 calories on top of it each week, which brings us to our weekly calorie loss goal of about 9000 calories, give or take.

What will my workout look like?

My current weight is about 90 kgs (~ 190 lbs) and my running speed is about 5.2 mps (11.5 minute mile on an average currently)

According to Calorie Counter on, I will lose about 776 calories in a 60 minute workout.  (or in a 5.2 mile run)

Since I have to lose 9,000 calories each week, my workout (if I only run) will look like 60 miles of running per week. Here’s how I did the math

Calories Burnt from Running

I have run 100's of miles in my quest to lose weight
Running to Lose Weight

If I burn 776 calories in running 60 minutes and at the speed of 5.2 miles per hour,  then I am going to need about 696 minutes of running at this rate to burn 9,000 calories (every week).

That means approximately 11.6 hours of running every week.  If I average 5.2 miles an hour, I am looking at 60 miles per week of running.

If I was to total my mileage requirement from running, it will be about 1,174 miles in total. ¬†I burn about 776 calories in 5.2 miles, so my per mile burn is about 149 calories. ¬†To reach that magic number of 175,000 calories, I’ll need to run 175,000/149 calories, which is roughly equal to about 1,175 miles.

More on this below but first, let’s add another twist in the mix.

Calories Burnt from Riding My Bike

Riding every other week to lose weight

Now, let’s add riding to this mix. ¬†If I ride only over the weekends, then my usual ride is about 30 miles. Sometimes, my group extends it to about 45 miles. For this year, depending on the weather, let’s say we have until end of October to comfortably ride in New Jersey. ¬†That gives us 29 Saturdays to ride a bike.

Eliminate 20% right of the bat for my laziness/tardiness/travel etc.  That leaves us with about 23 Saturdays to ride.  At my current weight and speed (12-14 miles an hour) MyFitnessPal calculator tells me that I burn 689 calories.  Normally, my rides last about 2.5 hours each for 30 miles, and 4 hours for 45 miles.  This brings us to the following totals.

30 mile ride burns 1722 calories and 45 mile ride burns 2756 calories.

Assuming that I get a comfortable 8 rides of 45 miles and 15 rides of 30 miles each, we’re looking at the following math

8 rides X 2756 calories = 22,048 calories

15 rides X 1722 calories = 25,830 calories

That makes the total calorie loss with riding alone to about 47,878.  If I throw in one extra ride (or decide to do a longer coco-luxe ride with my friends), I can easily bump that up to about 50,000 calories.

What’s the final math

If I subtract this from my target goal for calorie loss for this year (175,000 calories), I am left with about 125,000 calories to burn off by running.  This is approximately 71.42% of the original target, which means, I can simply reduce the weekly running goal by this value.

Instead of a total of 1175 miles¬†of running for the year, I’m left with a goal of 839 miles for the year. ¬†That, my friends, is an achievable goal, if I look at this¬†xls spreadsheet of a novice training plan for a marathon¬†. ¬†This is also my goal for this year, and I am going to update my progress in this worksheet every day.

This spreadsheet is an exact replica of Hal Higdon’s Marathon Program for a Novice¬†if you are running a marathon for the first time.

Conclusion – My Journey to Lose Weight

Here’s what I need to do¬†in order arrive at my target weight of 68 kgs or about 150 lbs.

Run 2 half and 2 Full Marathons in the year – With a total mileage goal of about 839 miles for the rest of the year.

Bike at least 810 miles (with a few extra miles thrown in for good measure)

On a daily basis, this amounts to¬†a little over 3 miles of running each day, 3.16 to be precise, and¬†nearly the same amount of bike ride each day. Sounds achievable, doesn’t it?

The sooner I can bank some extra miles of running/riding each day, the more I can enjoy the vacation at the end of the year.

Last Note –¬†Progress Updates on my Journey to Lose Weight

I am going to create a customized web page on this website to document my progress on a daily basis.  It will give me a sense of accomplishment as well as a challenge, to make myself accountable.

What is your story to lose weight?  Are you up for joining me?



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